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Single Origin 8 Espresso Roast - (Central America) (Honduras)

Single Origin 8 Espresso Roast - (Central America) (Honduras)

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Our Single Origin #8 (Espresso Roast) is sourced from a coffee farm in the La Paz region of Honduras, among the most highly productive region of Honduras’ 15 coffee-producing departments. We take our medium roast Blend #7 and roast it longer and darker resulting in a high concentration of bitterness that gives a stronger, thicker and richer taste.

Origin Report

Honduras is a Central American Country. The World Bank estimates that in rural areas 20% of Hondurans earn less than $1.90 per day. Country-wide, roads are sub-optimal; many coffee farms in Honduras are accessible only via dirt roads that snake up along mountainsides. Despite these factors, entrepreneurial producers are working toward higher quality, experimenting with new processing techniques and growing high-profile varietals.

Ingredients: Coffee Beans.

Grind: Whole Bean


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