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Single Origin 13 Decaf - (Mexico)

Single Origin 13 Decaf - (Mexico)

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Our Single Origin #13 is sourced through coffee farmers in Veracruz, Mexico, and processed through Water Process Decaffeination. A popular natural method for decaffeination, the Mountain Water Process uses pure water as an extraction solution, separating the caffeine compounds from the unroasted green coffee bean. In this chemical-free process, the coffee beans natural flavor is preserved, delivering you a memorable specialty decaf cup of coffee. Body: Medium. Acidity: Mild. Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Stone Fruit & Cane.

Origin Report

Veracruz is the second-largest coffee-producing state in Mexico. The port city, located on the eastern coast along the Gulf of Mexico, was the gateway for coffee to disseminate throughout the country after the first coffee plants arrived in Mexico in the 18th century.

Ingredients: Coffee Beans.

Grind: Whole Bean


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