Each coffee we offer is the result of an extensive quality control process. We cup at every stage of production, while the coffee is still at origin, and we cup again in the U.S. before and after the coffees arrive. Plus, we run our own facilities, so it’s our people with our products every step of the way. We do a lot to make sure that what arrives at your door will be the finest we can offer, and we’re confident you’ll taste the difference.

What is Fair Trade?

Organic coffee farming often includes fair trade principles, which can ensure that farmers are paid a fair price for their beans and have access to resources and support to improve their livelihoods.

When you're shopping for coffee, you might not think much about where it comes from or who grew it. But the truth is that the coffee industry is a complex and often exploitative system, with small farmers at the bottom of the chain often getting paid very little for their hard work. That's where fair trade comes in.

But fair trade is about more than just paying farmers a fair wage. It also ensures that farmers are provided with the tools, training, and resources they need to produce high-quality coffee. This includes things like access to credit, technical assistance, and health and safety training. Additionally, fair trade requires that farmers adhere to strict environmental and labor standards, which helps to protect both farmers and the environment.

Hebrews 13 Coffee goes above and beyond to support small farmers. More than what the Fair Trade does. We as owners, personally communicate with farmers and farm owners to make sure they get what they deserve.


Our Process | Best Roasted Coffee


    Single-origin coffee is important to farmers for a number of reasons. First, it allows farmers to showcase their specific region’s unique characteristics and flavors, variety of coffee, and growing conditions. This can result in a higher price for their beans, as they are considered to be of higher quality and unique.

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    Personal touch

    By buying from Hebrews 13 Coffee, you are supporting a small business and helping to build a community of coffee lovers who appreciate the unique and delicious flavors that come from ethically-sourced, small-batch coffee beans.

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    The team behind Hebrews 13 Coffee is composed of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to providing customers with the highest quality and ethically-sourced specialty coffee. Our team includes:

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